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2019 Spring Local Travel Team Information

Traveling Soccer Questions & Answers to the PA-West local traveling soccer program

Question – What is traveling?

Answer – The traveling soccer program is the next rung on the ladder for recreational soccers. The rules are more detailed than recreational but gives the players the opportunity to grow and play other teams within the region. Typically games are held on Sunday afternoons for (8) weeks - Typically (4) home and (4) away - of course this is not guaranteed. Away games are estimated to be no further than 1 to 1 1/2 hrs away from Markleysburg. There may be exceptions.

Question - How much practicing do the travel teams do? 

Answer – The travel teams practice are estimated to practice twice a week for 60-90 minutes outside at the Mountain Fellowship Center in Markleysburg (practices will move inside to building in inclement weather)

Question - When is the season?

Answer - For Spring, practices begin in early March. Games run Sundays from April through beginning of June.

Question – What age groups are available?

Answer – The MFC Soccer Club is looking to offer teams for players with birth years 2005 through 2010. A try-out/evaluation day will be announced with full-registration information.

Question – What does the age groups mean?

Answer - U14 – child must be less than 14 years old by January 1.

U12- child must be under the age of 12 by January 1.

U10 – child must be under the age of 10 by January 1.

Question - My child is playing tournament team soccer with the MFC, do I have to purchase a new uniform for spring 2019?

Answer - No. The uniforms will remain the same. You only have to purchase if your child outgrows current uniform. 

Question - What's the next step?

Answer - The MFC Soccer Club is opening pre-registration now through December 15th. We hope to open full registration soon after that. If you pre-register and then complete full registration and join us for Spring 2019 we will offer $5 off the registration fee for the spring! We hope to have registration fee cost information narrowed down further by December 15th. PRE-REGISTER BELOW!!! 

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