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Summer Lanzi Academy Dance Classes at MFC

Lanzi Academy of Dance Classes are RETURNING in the summer of 2019.

Save the dates of June 4th, June 6th, July 23rd and July 25th to join us.

Classes to include Beginner ballet & acro/jazz, Petite Ballet & Jazz/Tap and NEW THIS YEAR - PreJunior/Junior Ballet and Hip Hop


Tumbling w/ Jozie Squib 

Tumbling w/ Jozie Squib Kickoff Classes

3pm, 330pm - Beginners - anyone ages 3+

4pm, 430pm - Beginners - anyone ages 6+
5pm - Intermediate - Must have standing backbend up and down
6pm - Jump - Must have front and back walkovers

7pm - Advanced - Must have front and back handsprings

Jozie danced for 14 years as well as taken 14 years of tumbling/gymnastic classes. She also was a cheerleader. Additionally, she did a tumbling clinic at Waynesburg University when she as a student and still continues to tumble to this day.

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